Why I’m Running

I’m running for the Board of County Commissioners because I love Durham and want all of our neighbors to have the opportunity to thrive in a more just and sustainable community.

Durham is changing rapidly, with growth that has left some folks struggling to hold on. We have people, especially our low-income neighbors of color, who are being displaced by gentrification, are locked out of economic opportunity, feel unsafe and are being disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Yet we have so much reason to have hope for Durham. We are a community rich in diversity, innovation and incredible generosity. We dream big and have the hard conversations that matter. If we want to write our own story of Durham’s future rather than having it written for us, we must work together and act boldly with a shared vision for our future.

Together, I believe we can achieve:

Shared Prosperity

We have everything we need to grow in a way that is inclusive. Our schools are the backbone of our prosperity and I will fight for universal pre-K and equitable public schools. I will advocate for a forward-thinking economic development strategy that creates jobs, fosters racial equity and protects the environment – so that future generations might also share in our prosperity. I will fight our affordability crisis and rapid displacement while implementing smart transit planning. 

A Safe Community

We can be a community where everyone feels safe. I will work with the Sheriff while holding him accountable to his commitments on reform. I will work to support diversion programs and keep people safe in jail. I will fight to allow our immigrant communities and our LGBTQ+ residents thrive. Most importantly, I will help our community tackle the trauma and stress that underlie our community’s health and safety challenges: poverty, unstable housing, lack of economic opportunity and environmental injustice. 

A Healthy Environment

A healthy environment is essential for our well-being. Trees and green space keep us cool, reduce stress and violence, yet poor neighborhoods have much less of them. I will fight to make our community more equitably green so we can live well in in the face of climate change. I will advocate transitioning our economy to take advantage of opportunities in the green economy while reducing the pressure on our natural resources. I will act to make homes healthier and prevent displacement by investing in repairs and energy efficiency. And I will work to improve educational outcomes and save money by investing in repairs and energy efficiency in our schools.